Apr 152010

Dynamic DMX playback machine with MIDI & dry contact triggers.

Hot off the presses, this one.

This is a neat little controller, packed with features and potential uses.

At its core, it records DMX at 30 frames / second to an SD card. A 512 MB card provides about 180 minutes of continuous capture. Cards up to 2 GB may be used, but a 512 MB card is included.

The lesser of 128 dynamic scenes or 180 minutes of data capture may be accessed through the system menus.

Once data has been recorded, it can be used in several ways.

Using the pushbuttons and menu system, any captured scene may be played back and (optionally) looped.

Automatic playback (and looping, if desired) of a specific file may specified for when the system first powers on.

The first 8 files may be triggered via dry-contact closure. If necessary, files will loop until the contacts are re-opened.

Since a MIDI channel contains 128 discrete notes, playback of all 128 DMX files may be started or stopped using incoming MIDI note on / note off messages. The MIDI channel may be selected [1 16] using the LCD and pushbuttons. Scenes will loop if necessary.

Stored DMX scene playback may be triggered by incoming DMX data. In this mode, the incoming DMX channel value (ranging from [0 255]) is divided by two, and playback of the resulting file commences.  Setting the DMX channel to zero stops playback of the file and clears the DMX output stream.

Further, the on-board relay may be triggered by either a MIDI note on/off message or an incoming DMX channel value.

These systems will ship starting May 15 for $260. If you’d like to reserve one, send an email to ‘playback AT response-box.com’ with the subject line ‘I Need a DMX Recorder.’

System Features

  • DMX in, out & through on XLR-5 jacks.  Alternately, there’s space for terminal blocks if the jacks aren’t installed.  DMX input is optically and galvanically isolated from the rest of the system.
  • MIDI in + terminal block connections.
  • 8 sets of dry contact closure inputs, optically isolated from the rest of the system.
  • Relay output (10A 120V AC / 8A 30V DC), with NO / NC connections accessible on terminal blocks.
  • 9-12V DC input, center positive, via standard 2.1mm barrel connector.  North American orders will ship with a wall-wart type power supply.
  • 2 x 16 LCD + 3 pushbuttons for system navigation
  • 3 LEDs for system feedback

As always, if you need something similar but the existing firmware doesn’t seem to cover it, just let us know.  The neat thing about software is that it can always be changed.

  • SD card socket
  • Firmware updates through the SD card are also possible
  • Board measures 4.25″ x 4.25″
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      4 Responses to “Dynamic DMX Recording and Playback”

    1. OMG you used my little program 🙂 so happy. Feel free to offer feedback on it.
      I have countless unpolished beta features.

    2. OMG you used my little program so happy. Feel free to offer feedback on it.
      I have countless unpolished beta features.

    3. It’s great. I’ve had a version on one of the shop testing boxes since about 2006 or so. I should check and see if there’s anything more current available. And I should shoot you some funds for your trouble. Paypal?

    4. Wow really. http://jsriddler.com/donate/ should work, never been tested. im just going to trade it back later on the RGB node orders 🙂 already placed. I just started work on a recording and playback version of my software oddly enough, so i could record patterns I made for the RGB nodes. Lets talk offline sometime.

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