Jun 182010

88 DMX-Driven RGB LED Nodes

To be fair, this really falls in the category of ‘Fooling Around in the Workshop Instead of Organizing Our Rental Stock.’

But, it ended up working well enough that we shot some video.

We wanted to make a display of the 2010 RGB LED nodes, which are driven by DMX data through a T3 controller.  And, we wanted to play the nodes like a piano keyboard.

The gist of it is that John wrote a firmware personality for the DecaBox protocol converter which

… receives a universe of DMX at 44 frames per second,

… overlays that data with incoming MIDI note messages,

… and then sends the entire new datastream out the DMX port, again at 44 frames per second,

… and with an overall system latency of just one DMX packet.

In that regard, it’s similar to our regular MIDI to DMX firmware (which converts MIDI note and CC messages into DMX channel intensities).  The difference, of course, is that these MIDI notes are added to an existing DMX stream.

Happily, the DecaBox could easily keep up with the design requirements.  We’re thrilled to have such a powerful & flexible system available to our customers.

Here’s the video clip:

EDIT: Even made it to Hackaday for a few hours.

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