Oct 292010

In the past few months, we’ve released…

A new firmware personality for the DecaBox which supports RS-232 to MIDI conversion.  Yes, it’s a strange one, but we’ve so far shipped it six times to various customers.  The Internet is an amazing place.

A DMX CueLight System

DMX CueLight Console

Side View

This was commissioned by a theater on the East Coast.  It features 2 rows of 10 pushbuttons –  the  exact same used used in high-end video switchgear.  If you’ve ever spent time in a TV production truck, you’ve seen ’em. They offer amazing tactile feedback plus red and green LEDs for backlight.  Further, the crystal clear button caps are removable, allowing for printed legends and text to be inserted safely beneath.

Our system outputs 20 consecutive channels of DMX, and an internal DIP switch sets the start address.

In this application, the theater had either a separate dimmer pack for driving cue lights, or stand-alone (LED) fixtures scattered throughout the backstage area.  The stage manager wanted to arm, set to standby and clear various outputs.  Color feedback from each button provides great visual feedback for each channel’s state.

Here’s a short video clip of the system in action:

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