Feb 292012

One of our customers works with a systems integration group in Quebec, Canada.  A few months ago they purchased one of our RS232 Driven DMX Engines.  Once the box arrived, we spoke briefly on the phone to help them get started using the box’s control language.

A month or two later, we heard back.  They’ve written some neat preset-setting software for an iPad, which communicates with a Crestron controller, which in turn outputs serial data to our little black box.  DMX from the box drives installed LED arrays throughout a home or business.

The video clip was shot at a trade show.  Apparently there are also installed ‘smart’ wall switches which can be used to recall the stored preset scenes.

If you’re interested in the Crestron / iPad end of this, contact Hugo:

Hugo Bergeron
Clef de Sol Inc.
418-563-7238 phone

And if you need your own RS232 to DMX bridge, we’v got plenty of stock in the online store.



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