Aug 292012

As a result of customer suggestions, we’re happy to release version 4.0 of the dimming engine’s firmware.  Lots of new and useful features, including scene storage and recall.  It’s a free upgrade for existing customers, and ships standard with new purchases as of today.  If you’ve got one of these systems already and the new functions seem useful, send an email and we’ll get you the new build.

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  2 Responses to “RS232 to DMX Engine – New Firmware”

  1. I have a decabox controlling LED dimmers.
    does this firmware apply?


  2. Hi Sean – This firmware was built for the standalone RS232 to DMX engine, which doesn’t include the pushbuttons, LCD, etc. With a bit of work, we could back-port the new RS232 commands to the DecaBox firmware, however. What sort of timeline are you working with?

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