Aug 132012
8 knob DMX512 controller

8 Knob Controller – Click to Enlarge

…because the world has enough boring black gear.

Actually, this nifty console (and it’s identical brethren, comprising a six-wide litter), were commissioned by a local staging company in spring 2012.

They do a lot of corporate A/V work, much of which includes ballrooms and breakout rooms and the like.  They’ve invested heavily in ETC’s seven-color LED wash light fixtures, and frequently use them as accents in smaller rooms.  They wanted a simple and rugged way to control these fixtures in parallel.

We, on the other hand, wanted to experiment with heavy chrome plated knobs which featured red alignment dots.

The result is the 8-channel beast shown above.

On the rear panel are a pair of standard DMX outputs (each driven by a separate output stage), which makes it convenient to run cable to both sides of a room.

The chrome handles are 3″ tall, and identical to what you’d see on heavy rack mount equipment.  Total chassis width is about 12″.  The knobs are almost .7″ in diameter.  The chassis is formed from durable steel, then finished with red and charcoal powdercoat.  With any luck, the combination will prove sufficiently roadie-proof.

This is posted not so much as a ‘for sale’ offering (we could do a re-run, but on about a two week turnaround), but to demonstrate some of the custom – and often unpublished – work we’ve produced over the years.



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  3 Responses to “Shiny Knobby Box”

  1. Hey John,

    I love the Shiny Knobby Box and it was what inspired me to come to you about the project we discussed last year. Any chance of discussing it again?

    Kevin Barry

  2. Very cool. Do they just control DMX channels 1 through 8 or is there a dip switch for an offset? I suppose if the setup is super simple with each room being its own universe the a simple no-offset version would work well.

  3. Yes, just channels 1-8. Wouldn’t be hard to add a switch to rev2 though…

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