Jan 032014

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Happy New Year!

We’re pleased to announce a release of v4.7 firmware for the RS232 DMX Engine.  It’s a free update for all existing customers, and will ship installed on any purchase made after January 3, 2014.

Full details are available on this page, but here’s a quick breakdown of the added features:

  • Add ‘streaming data’ command.  It’s now possible to write to the repeating DMX output stage directly from your RS232 port, with almost zero protocol overhead.
  • Added command for initiating a hardware reboot.  Emulates a power cycle.
  • Added  command to pause crossfading mid-transition.
  • Added command for jogging individual channels up or down by a specified amount.
  • Add scene recall masking.  This makes it possible to recall a stored scene, but only apply it to specific DMX channels.  This is useful for multi-room installations, etc, where one room’s look should change without disturbing other presets.

If you’d like to update your existing equipment, just contact us for the details.  The process takes about 10 seconds to complete in the field.

Finally, if you’re interested in receiving email updates when new firmware for any of our equipment is released, or when new products become available, just enter your name and email address in the top right corner of this screen.

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