Oct 072014
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The 4-Channel High Speed High Power DMX Decoder

This product’s grandfather was custom-engineered several years ago for a major Cable News Network in Atlanta.  Their redesigned set contained many tens of meters of RGB LED tape.  The basic DMX DC dimmers they originally procured were

  • hard to configure
  • limited to a only a few amps of current draw
  • looked dreadful on camera because their refresh rate was too slow.  A massive moiré interference pattern was generated, a mix of 30 (or 60) frames per second video capture and about 100 frames per second dimming refresh.

So we designed for them a custom system which could be set up in just a few minutes, had a very efficient final drive stage (resulting in lower waste heat) and refreshed the PWM dimming cycle far, far faster than any current or future broadcast camera standard.

The lighting designers were ecstatic that things worked so well.   Dimming and static colors as seen on-camera were as smooth as glass, and many, many decoders of the original design were installed.

The system has been redesigned and packaged for summer 2014, and now boasts the following features:

  • 12v DC power supply
  • 4 channel output
  • 15A at 12V (180 watts) per channel output drive capability, or 40A system total
  • Neutrik XLR5 input and through connectors
  • Bult-in termination switch
  • Power LED
  • DMX present LED
  • ‘Drive’ LED.  Lights if any of the assigned and sequential 4 channels are set above 0%.
  • Heavy-duty screw terminals for DC supply and dimming outputs.
  • Easy-to-use rotary switches for setting the system’s DMX address. (No confusing DIP switch charts needed!)
  • Built-in test modes: 4 channel fade up / fade down, color wheel on channels 1, 2 & 3, all channels at a single level in 10% increments
  • Durable aluminum anodized chassis
  • Mounting ears for wall or panel installation
  • Dimensions: 5.9″ left to right, not counting mounting ears, 3.6″ front to back, 1.7″ tall
  • Designed, fabricated and stocked in the USA

Instruction sheet / wiring diagram is in this PDF file: 4 Channel Decoder

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System driving 19A at 12V, or 228 watts of LED power. The enclosure was barely warm to the touch.


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