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DecaBox Universal Protocol Bridge

Do you need to trigger MIDI cues from your lighting desk? Would parts of your production work better if they were more closely synchronized?

You just might need a DMX to MIDI bridge.

This DecaBox firmware accepts up to 135 consecutive DMX channels as input, then transmits a wide range of MIDI ‘Note On/Off’ and ‘Continuous Controller’ messages. Because such a wide range of output messages are availabe, it’s easy to program your MIDI equipment to react properly.

The system features 3 flexible operating modes, which are easily selectible using the LCD and pushbuttons present on the front panel.

  • Mode 1: ‘Classic’ Generates 16 MIDI channels of note on / note off messages + 119 channels of MIDI CC data. 135 DMX channels total.
  • Mode 2: ‘Compact’ Generates 1 MIDI channel of note on / note off messages and 1 channel of MIDI CC data. 2 DMX Channels total.
  • Mode 3: ‘Medium’ Generates 2 MIDI channels of note on / note off messages and 6 channels of MIDI CC data (controllers 1-6). 8 DMX Channels total.

Here’s how DMX data is converted into MIDI note on / note off messages:

0 N/A
1 C-1 On
2 C-1 Off
3 C#-1 On
4 C#-1 Off
254 F#9 On
255 F#9 Off

If a mode is chosen where multiple MIDI channels of note on / note off data are generated, the MIDI channel corresponds to the DMX channel (offset, of course, by the system’s DMX start address): DMX channel 1 transmits on MIDI channel 1, DMX channel 5 transmits on MIDI channel 5, etc. In Mode 1 described above, note messages can be generated for every note in every MIDI channel.

In its raw form, DMX data varies from [0 255] and MIDI CC values vary between [0 127]. So we divide the DMX data value in half and send it out the door as a continuous controller message:

DMX Channel Value Continuous Controller Message
0 N/A
1 0
2 1
3 1
4 2
254 127
255 127

Other Features

On the input side, you’ll find DMX in and through jacks on XLR-5 connectors. The DMX input section is optically and galvanically isolated from the rest of the system for your safety and protection.

Note that a MIDI message is only generated when DMX data values change from one value to another. That is, setting a fader to ‘FF’ will generate one MIDI message. Running a fader slowly from [00 FF] will generate many, many MIDI messages

System includes a USB port for easy field updates and firmware changes. In the past, if our customers needed a slightly different design mid-rehearsal, the entire system had to be shipped back and forth across the country. This took a long time and cost even more money, especially when quick turnarounds were required. Now, we can email you a small .zip file, inside which is an .exe which will run on any modern Windows computer.

Note: the USB port on the DecaBox is used only for firmware updates.  It doesn’t transmit MIDI or DMX, so you’ll need to use the regular XLR and DIN connectors for those protocols.

Custom Design & Firmware Edits: Note that if the firmware currently being offered doesn’t exactly match what you need, we’d be delighted to customize it. Contact us for more details.

System is assembled, tested and ready to ship.

Here’s a quick video clip showing the system in operation:

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A few customers were kind enough to provide reviews of this system:

I was working on a fine arts sculpture using electronic lighting and audio elements and required a quick and easy way to coordinate both DMX and MIDI systems. I wanted to use the DMX control software I was already familiar with to operate the lights as well as trigger MIDI loops that would be synchronized with the light show.

After doing a little research online, I came across Engineering Solutions’ Decabox DMX to MIDI converter. I decided to order the unit and received it promptly. I was happy with the quality of the Decabox when it arrived and easily hooked the unit up to the system with which I would be using it.

I ran into a few tech issues resulting from my lack of knowledge regarding the MIDI system, but Engineering Solutions’ tech support was quick to respond to my inquiries. They were informative and helpful with the resolution of my problems.

I would definitely do business with Engineering Solutions in the future given the wonderful experience I had working with them on my last project.

-Carl, Artist Technician


Wow, Engineering Solutions has totally blown me away!

I began searching for a DMX to Midi Converter a couple months ago when I realized the Lighting Board we would be using for our event did not have MIDI active in the software yet. We had been running MIDI commands to trigger our Video Loop software for a couple months without a hitch, but the new desk really put a damper on our plans.

Thank goodness I ran across Engineering Solutions and this box! John Chapman was extremely helpful and forthright about making this the best experience we could possibly have. When I got the box, I brought some ideas to John about changing the firmware to make programming easier. John quickly saw what I was trying to accomplish and had the firmware ready for use the next day. I plugged up the box and it worked perfectly the first time. This is even easier than straight MIDI!

Engineering Solutions has exceeded my expectations in every way! I keep trying to come up with other ideas just so I can use them again!

Thanks John!

BJ Hunt, Lighting and Scenic Designer
Atlanta, GA


My working relationship with John Chapman at Engineering Solutions has been a wonderfully satisfying and creative one.

I have come to John several times now with several projects that needed simple but elegant solutions. He has always been able to solve my problem on time and on budget. Most recently, I needed a DMX to Midi converter. John was able to update their DMX to Midi Bridge to do exactly what I needed it to. It is a simple and robust interface that just works.

As a lighting designer, I can only recommend the most reliable technology available. John and Engineering Solutions come through every time.

I look forward to a long relationship with John and Engineering Solutions. It truly is a company that can help to make your dream into reality.

Darrell Clark, Lighting Designer
Los Angeles, California

I love Engineering Solutions. For months I had searched for what I thought would be a commonly made converter/interface between two very common control protocols. But after finding many products that were close to what I needed, but not exactly what I needed, and generally very expensive, or only available in Europe, or some other problem, I was getting very discouraged.

After happening upon a similar product Engineering Solutions had created for another client using similar conversion between the same two protocols, I contacted them with a short email describing what I was looking for. To my surprise I received a call the very next morning, and considering the time zone difference, most likely first thing in the morning, from a gentleman named John Chapman.

John completely understood my needs and even helped educate me on some of the parts with which I was less familiar, then proceeded to modify the existing product I had seen online to meet MY EXACT SPECIFICATIONS! This would have been incredible by itself, but on top of that, he did it so fast! I think it was less than 2 weeks form our first conversation that I had the product on my bench and testing it with the rest of the system. The product worked exactly as specified, and when I discovered some slight modifications made necessary by other components in the system, John had no problem with making the small firmware changes so that everything worked perfectly.

In addition to the technical needs of our project, John understood our limitations in terms of cost, and worked with us to customize this product to remove anything unnecessary in order to bring down the costs and made some on-the-money suggestions that all have worked out just great for us.

As of now, the product has performed flawlessly and we are moving forward to our next phase, knowing that not only is this portion of the project done, but that in the future we have a great resource we can rely on the next time we need something that has never been done before. Thanks to John and the whole team at Engineering Solutions!

Matt Wisdom
Impact Lighting

I just wanted to say, once again, how impressed we are with your DMX-Midi converter.

As we were faced with the difficult problem of trying to control a non-DMX talking media server with a lighting console that doesn’t output time-code or Midi, I was delighted to discover your product during an internet “trawl”. As our problem was so specific, I had assumed that any solution was going to be incredibly complex, so it was relief to discover that I was able to put your product inline and convert DMX to Midi with a minimum of fuss.

Thanks also for taking the time to answer the few questions that I had, your great customer service made our simple solution even easier.

Graham Henstock
Head Of Lighting
Sydney Theatre Company

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