How to Trigger IR Equipment From DMX Gear in Less Than 56 Seconds


One underappreciated fact about the DecaBox Protocol Converter is that it contains an infrared (IR) receiver and a port for an IR ‘blaster’.

An IR blaster, of course, typically consists of a 3.5mm phone jack, and infrared LED and a current-limiting resistor, all overmolded in a nice plastic package.  An external driver circuit modulates the LED on a carrier of 38, 40 or sometimes higher KHz.  On top of this modulation is transmitted control data.  There are many ways to encode this data, though most equipment manufacturers have settled on just a handful of non-compatible, totally dissimilar standards.

Fortunately, the DecaBox with IR-Blaster firmware is built with essentially a ‘dumb’ IR capture routine, where the incoming IR is captured and saved in a protocol-agnostic way.  Thus IR data from nearly any remote control can be snatched, stored and replayed exactly on cue.

The current firmware stores 16 commands on 16 consecutive DMX channels.  Setting a channel to 90% or higher intensity triggers IR playback, which persists as long as the DMX channel remains at that level.

That’s it, really.

Here’s a demo (no time lapse!) showing how easy it is to take control of your IR gear using any DMX source:


Naturally, this firmware is available in our online store.  One IR blaster cable is included with each system.  As always, you can contact us if you need something slightly or majorly different than what’s shown here.

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