Half a Pixel


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Half a pixel. Based on the original RGB design but with half the LEDs. 1.25" square.

Bill of Materials:

  • B1 5mm blue led               
  • B2    5mm blue led                        
  • B3   5mm blue led                          
  • C1   .1 uF 10v ceramic, 0805 package        
  • C4   1 uF 10v ceramic, 0805 package       
  • C5   10 uF 25v ceramic, 0805 package   
  • E1     5mm red led                            
  • E2     5mm red led                          
  • E3     5mm red led                             
  • G1     5mm green led                           
  • G2     5mm red led                             
  • G3     5mm red led                            
  • JP1    .1" x 5 pinheader, optional    
  • JP2    .1" x 5 pinheader, optional       
  • PGM   .1" x 5 programming header, optional       
  • R1   1K 0805   
  • R2   1K 0805    
  • R3   1K 0805   
  • R4   1K 0805      
  • R5   300 0805       
  • R6   117 0805     
  • R7   100 0805     
  • T1   2N3904  SOT-23 
  • T2   2N3904  SOT-23   
  • T3   sN3904  SOT-23  
  • U$1   78L05 SOT-89       
  • U1   PIC 16F688 SOIC-14                        
  • U2   MAX485/SN75176 SOIC-8          

New Circuit Boards!


My wife and I were cleaning the garage this morning when a shiny yellow DHL truck pulled in the driveway. I was delighted to receive about 5 Kg of new circuit boards. Among them were…
Mini RGB DMX controlled pixel

A new version of the Point Source RGB Pixel design. It’s based on a 10mm RGB LED, a PIC 16F688 microcontroller and an RS-485 receiver. With the exception of the LED itself, all parts on the this board are now surface mount.

Power / Data Injector Board for DMX RGB Pixels

No changes here, but I’ve added silkscreen and soldermask. This is a great way to combine power and data into a single Cat5 cable for powering strings of large DMX pixels. The board has a footprint for a Neutrik NC5MAH 5-pin male connector, an RJ45 ‘pixel drive’ jack, an RJ45 ‘DMX IN’ jack (pinout matches the USITT standard) and large solder points for power and ground.

Mini RGB DMX controlled Pixel circuit board

New revision of the ‘Mini Pixel’ design. All components are surface mount except for the LEDs. Contains a 16F688 processor, an RS-485 receiver and a programming header for your hacking pleasure.

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