8 Way DMX Splitter

Haven’t had time to test it fully yet, but these boards arrived early this morning.

UPDATE:  These work wonderfully well.  I’m using two (one for each universe) in my display this year.

It’s an 8-way somewhat-isolated DMX splitter.  

DMX in & through on XLR-5 jacks. DMX in section is fully isolated from the rest of the world.

8 RS-485 drivers in parallel with pinheader (.1″) outputs. These outputs are *not* isolated from each other, but each does contain a discrete driver chip.  A proper opto-splitter design would have each output powered by it’s own DC power supply and isolated from its neighbors with an optocoupler.  To get an isolated DC power supply, use a small DC-DC converter per channel or a small AC transformer + regulator per channel.

Expensive and complicated, but very safe.

I skipped the added isolation because my rig was all being powered from a single power supply and all gear was connected to a single AC outlet.  Your mileage may vary, of course.

I’m using these to route my rooftop data lines, but ran about 20 extra boards in case anyone else was interested. $5 each, and I’ll send you the full schematic and parts list.  

8 Way DMX Splitter
8 Way DMX Splitter

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  1. Hey, these look interesting, can they be used for general dmx splitting purposes as well or just for pixel use? Also, what form of binding posts/etc are you using for the output on these? Lastly what is the estimated cost once populated for each splitter? Id be interested in at least 4 if any are still available, thanks, Mike

  2. The boards will work with anything that speaks DMX, so the sky’s the limit.

    Outputs are on .1″ headers. For Christmas, I just soldered my wires directly in to the holes, but it’s easy to add a Molex / C-Grid .1″ crimp connector + locking header if you’re so inclined.

    I’ve got lots left. Price for a full kit of parts would be ~ $22 if memory serves. It’s a pretty economical design.

    I’ve also got stacks of XLR-5 M and F PC mount jacks if you need any. $4 each.


  3. Yes, there’s still a dozen (?) bare boards here in the shop. Email john at this domain for details.

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