Point Source Pixels For Sale

UPDATE 2/2/09 – The string of pixels has been sold.  Thanks!

I’m selling one  ‘test’ string of point source pixels.  These are assembled and fully functional and have otherwise never been used.

The 25 pixels are mounted on 8″ centers on 10-position ribbon cable.  Since each pixel has a 10 pin male header, the cable can be easily and inexpensively replaced if desired.  Note that this is the same pixel spacing I used on the house this year.

Included in this package are the following:

  • 25 x 10mm Point Source Pixels
  • Ribbon cable with female headers on 8″ centers
  • Ultra-tiny DMX splitter and power combiner module
  • 5 pin male XLR connector for DMX input
  • 2 wire leads for power input.  Power supply is +12V, tightly regulated.  For full brightness, plan on ~ 70 mA per pixel total.  NO power supply is provided.
  • System guaranteed to arrive in working order.
  • BONUS: Unlimited tech support via email
  • BONUS: Up to 1 hour free tech support via telephone

Note that presently only 1 system is available for sale.

Pixels are programmed to DMX addresses [76,77,78], [79,80,81], … [145,146,147] respectively.  I’ll reprogram them to any other range for an additional $15.

Price is $179 + freight.  First come, first serve.  Send an email to john AT response-box.com with ‘I want the Pixel String’ in the subject line.  All major credit cards are accepted, and international shipping is no problem.