“Micro Pixels” – Grainy Photos of the 2009 Project

Just before shipping the order to me, the factory took a couple of ugly pictures of the new circuit boards.

It looks like the shipment of 100 boards will arrive later this week, barring problems in customs or a volcano eruption in the parcel’s flight path.

Visible are 2 x RJ45 jacks for easy daisy chaining (I found a supplier who will sell 6″ cat5 jumper cables for $0.48 each in small quantities). ┬áThe rear of the board contains 3 x wide-angle RGB LEDs wired in series.

Note the the component count of this design is significantly lower than anything we’ve done in the past.

For lack of a better name, this design has been yclept “The Micro Pixel.”

If you missed the introduction to the 2009 project, you can find it here:


More soon.

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