5-channel Assembled Pixels?

A couple days ago I was contacted by a gentleman who purchased a decent batch of ‘classic’ pixels a year or two ago.

He’s planning to expand his display and asked if we’d consider running a large batch of *assembled* 5-channel (RGB+W+A) pixels.

The quantity he’s interested in is more than sufficient to justify the setup & tooling fees involved, so we’ll definitely be running enough to cover his order.

The design will be based on this one:


…but entirely SMT, save the LEDs and RJ45 connectors.

I’ll omit the three servo connectors but include 6 each wide-angle LEDs for RGB, Amber and White. I’ll also add the standard 5-pin programming header for PIC flashing and a two position header so they can be field addressed using the ‘DIY’ code that’s been floating around for a couple months now (thanks, SRM!).

I’ll also update our standard firmware so that the pixels can be re-addressed using the ‘alternate start code’ datastream that’s worked so well in our shop.

In short, lots of ways to get these up and running.

Price? No idea just yet. Haven’t heard back from the factory. Depending on freight, customs fees, and order quantity I’d expect them to be available somewhere in the $9-$13 range.

Order will likely be placed in early August.

Anyone else want some?