Pixel Driving Software

This post is meant to answer some of the questions I’ve received in the ‘comments’ section, as well as through private email exchanges.  Specifically, “Great!  I now have $X hundred pixels.  How do I control them all?”

Having a background in theatre / live production / staging, I lean towards tools written by and for those people.

There are many choices for controlling large arrays of RGB nodes.  A nicely written tutorial on the subject is here.

A google search for ‘pixel mapping software’ will return many options. Price ranges from free to many thousands of dollars, depending on the number of outputs required. Software options include Colour-Tramp by Artistic License,  Chamsys MagiQ PC (free, multiplatform!), RadLite/PixelRange, Green Hippo’s Hippotozer software, and many more.  Also interesting is Landy Bible’s .Matrix program – sort of a poor man’s Catalyst server – which speaks Art-Net and is free from his site.

There’s also possibilities of building custom patches using MAX/MSP.  Finally, the fine folks over at kineme.org have done some neat work using Quartz Composer under Mac OS X, plus plugins for USB-DMX dongles and Art-Net.

Note that our (coming soon!) Art-Net interface will work with all of these commercial programs…