mrpackethead’s LED Tree

New Zealand co-developer mrpackethead finished up a ‘mega tree’ using 2,000 of the new waterproof LED nodes.  It’s 6 meters high and – I’m told – absolutely stunning to experience in person.

Here’s a video clip of its maiden voyage:

Other interesting bits:

Power When fully lit, the tree draws ~ 120 A at 5.0 V DC.  He is using 10 x 100W switch mode supplies. Cost per hour to run is about $0.05 NZ.

Drive Software Quartz Composer (OS X), Madrix, walker design (compatible with vixen btw)

Note that there’s been some additional discussion of the tree / controller system on the Do It Yourself Christmas forums.

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  1. Love to hear more about this project, im waning to put something together like this myself.
    I hadn’t thought of using Quartz might have to add that into my design..
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    PS So awesome tree

  2. This is out of site! I will guess thats hard to brake for a x-mas three.
    Love to see how he cable that, hot to have long lines of 20A 5V cable. Or did he put the 10 x 100W switch mode supplies near the LED’s outside?

    I want to have…..

  3. I’ve had this same idea for over 20 years now but I simply don’t have the technicl know-how or ability to set it up.

    In the Pittsburgh suburb of Churchill, Westighouse used to have a research facility along Rt.276. Evry Chrstmas tey would set up a tree which was lit with a couple of hundred independently addressable blue lights. These lights would create quite a few random, but coherent patterns similar to the patterns in the tree shown in your video.

    I contacted Westinghouse years ago to see if they wanted to go commercial with the tree lighting. They told me that it had been designed and created as a personal exercize by an enineer who was then reired. They said that, as far as they were concerned the design was the property of that retired engineer. I managed to track him down to see if he wanted to commercialize his design and he claimed it belonged to Westinghouse. After a few back and forths between him and Westinghouse I finally bcame conviced that neither was interested in making the tree publiclly available. All he would tell me about the design was that it made extenive use of CMOS technology.

    Your RGB tree lighting is a quantum leap above what Wetinghouse had with their single color incandescent version and as soon as it becomes available I’ll be one of the first customers.

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