Still Photos

No video yet, but here’s some stills I took of the house. The purity of the LEDs’ color cuts through the darkness like a razor.

Current count is about 612 RGB pixels, driven by 3 Art-Net bridges. For convenience, the patch is spread over 6 universes of DMX.

Rough calculations say that at full brightness, the lights draw 60 mA per node –> 36.7 A at 5V –> ~160 watts total.

Note that the two pixels on the balcony which appear to be ‘dead’ are actually blocked by the balcony’s iron handrail.

Many of the blue / purple pictures are actually part of a longer ‘plasma’ sequence which features red, blue and purple blobs sweeping across the entire house. It’s pretty neat looking in real life.

Click to enlarge.

5 Replies to “Still Photos”

  1. Very Sweet, John. I have a number of questions for you, sorry if you have already answered them, but I can’t seem to find the info in previous posts:
    1. how much do those nodes cost? 2. how many in each string? 3. are you going to become a dealer for them and/or the whole hardware setup at some point like you did the last go around?
    4. would you be interested in coming to our campus sometime in the spring semester and spending a few days with us setting something up in our black box theatre using this stuff?



  2. Hurry up John, anyone would have to assume that you’ve been far too busy working on other peoples problems..

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