2010 Node Update

Factory snapshot showing black cable, circular connectors
Completely Waterproof Design

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve posted anything new.  We’ve been hard at work with the factory making changes to the node design.  Here are some highlights:

8 Bit Control is now standard, as opposed to last year’s 5-bit resolution.  Though 5 bits gives 32 x 32 x 32 = 32,768 possible color combinations, 8 bit control provides about 16 million possible hues and even smoother fading.

Black Cable replaces the original red, green, white and blue standard.  This cable was chosen to be UV Resistant, and is being tested through extended exposure to a 1 KW UV source.

Waterproof circular connectors are used to connect strings end-to-end.  These connectors are tough.  We love ’em.  You will too.

Completely watertight. A batch of nodes has just successfully completed a 10-day submersion test at the factory.  Naturally, we’ll repeat this test ourselves, but we’re optimistic that the elements will be no match for this new design.

The Controllers are taking shape nicely as well.  We’ll add more detail here shortly, but can say that there’s a version which will accept regular DMX-512 and a version which (with the addition of an external bridge controller) receives Art-Net data.

We’ve designed the system to be modular and easily scalable; it should handle installations sizes between 1 node and tens of thousands of nodes with ease.

Finally, there’s a decent chance that I (JEC) will be selling all or part of my 2009 system at the end of February.  I’ve got ~ 1000 pixels, power supplies, cables and DMX / Art-Net interfaces.  Price hasn’t been determined yet, but will likely fall in the $1800-$2400 range.  Though I’d prefer to sell the entire rig at once, all offers will be considered.  If you’re interested, email me – john AT response-box.com.

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