Obligatory Video Clip From mrpackethead

It took a couple days to organize his kit (dayjob!), but here’s his string of the new 2010 RGB nodes flashing merrily away.

His toolchain is Madrix (running in a virtual Windows machine on a Mac, natch) –> Enttec USB Pro –> DMX / Pixel Bridge I designed –> 50 Nodes.

Video courtesy an EOS 7D SLR.

6 Replies to “Obligatory Video Clip From mrpackethead”

  1. These are looking better and better guys!!

    Any chance we could see a screen shot of what the Sequence Editor looks like? How do you go about sequencing these?

  2. GREAT, AWESOME… NICE! Can’t wait to get my hands on these!!!

    [Need any testers? I’m a programmer (day job) and photographer (hobby). Have an extensive background in system testing, beta testing, UAT.]

  3. Realizing you have no crystal ball, any time frame updates for these and the controllers? I know we’re a month or two past the original estimate, just wondering if you had a feel if we’re looking at weeks, months, or a year before you’re forums and store will be up and going. Thanks for all the excellent work, looking forward to the product!

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