LED Tubes With DMX Interface

This clip comes from New Zealand, courtesty mrpackethead & co.

It’s 40 of the RGB Tubes, driven by DMX and some pixel-mapping software they ginned up.

More details, plus information about the release of the strings & controllers, is coming very soon. ¬†Thanks, everyone, for your patience through this R&D phase. ¬†We’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with the result.

8 Replies to “LED Tubes With DMX Interface”

  1. Guys, That looks amazing!
    I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on some of these for that reason,
    I’m still thinking about the ‘star curtain’ idea…
    however this would be far more versatile,
    Keep up the amazing work!


  2. So are the tubes being driven real time by dmx? Also, will your controller drive the tubes and the pixel strings?

    And, do you have a specific time frame for the controller and strings to be available – coming very soon is much better than coming soon, but when is very soon? I have been holding out for your products to be available before I drop some cash on a dvi video pixel screen.

  3. @Occhristmas:

    Yes, they were in ‘real time’.. The tubes will faithfully play what ever DMX you through at them.. Each column of tubes essentially was 1 universe of DMX.

    The controller/driver for the tubes is not the same as the driver for the pixels.. Its a different set of protocols and the power set up is different.. Sorry about that.

    We are putting the final touches on the controller now. We are happy now with the pixels being ready for production. So hopefully its not too far away.

  4. The tubes come from the factory we’ve been working with. This was just an experiment in exercising the controller and playing with everything in a live environment.

  5. FYI, i’m looking at a ‘Heavey Duty’ Tube designed for portable set ups where they get moved.. For permanant insall its a slightly different set up.

  6. Be interested in what you come up with. I spoke to John about strip PCB’s a few weeks ago, based on the strings

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