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Discretely Controllable DMX Driven RGB Pixels

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Archive for May, 2010

How to Decorate 1/8 of Your Front Porch.

Posted by JEC on 30th May 2010

Toolchain is Madrix, a T2 USB to DMX bridge, a T3 node controller and 4 strings of 42 nodes.

Front porch is suggested, but neither required nor included.

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RGB Nodes & Controllers: Now Available for Pre-Order

Posted by JEC on 14th May 2010

We’re thrilled to announce that 8-bit DMX-driven RGB nodes and controllers are now available for pre-order.

Click here for more detail.


(Note also that mrpackethead is working on some amazing demo videos to post this weekend. ¬†You’ll see video, graphics & text on a grid of nodes, plus a bunch of other neat effects.)

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