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  1. when, when, when???????????????
    You guys are creating all this cool gear and we want to play with this great gear !!!!!!!


  2. There’s a link at the top left corner of this page – ‘Click For a System Quote’ – through which all your questions may be answered… 🙂

  3. I think I will want more than 4 strings after seeing what madrix can do.

    Whats the chance of you giving me the madrix setup file for the 168 nodes so I can play until the strings arrive 🙂

    Many thanks

    neilric99 at me.com

  4. Neat thing about Madrix is that they offer a fully functioning demo on their site (madrix.de). In the newest version, even the outputs are enabled (this wasn’t the case before). However, the output (Art-Net or USB) shuts down for a few seconds every minute or two, rendering the demo software quite useless for commercial use.

    After purchase, you receive a USB encryption dongle which permanently activates the outputs.

    Note also that mrpackethead has worked out a dealership arrangement with Madrix, and can likely provide price quotes for interested parties.

  5. JEC,

    Does the demo mode limit the dmx channel output at all,

    I am currently trying to play with it driving my LOR CCR’s through my enttec dmxpro and only seeing 15 channels

  6. ah no it doesnt, my CCR’s had a problem, now they are working fine using 2 CCR’s across 300 channels

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