Coming Very Soon: Open Source Controller

Just a quick note before the weekend… ¬†On Monday, August 9, we’ll publish a whole batch of documents, including:

  • Source code for driving last year’s 5 bit nodes and this year’s 8 bit nodes (the control protocol is quite different) based on DMX input.
  • Schematics for a simple 4-string driver system.
  • Eagle & gerber files for a known-good PCB layout.
  • PCBs from the shop shelf – at least 50 pieces – will be available for a nominal fee.

All information will be released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license.

Stay tuned!

7 Replies to “Coming Very Soon: Open Source Controller”

  1. Nice to see someone in the holiday decoration space is releasing an open source solution. Thank you.

  2. OK, so it’s August 9 already, and probably even Aug 10 in Australia.

    Looking forward to the controller details.

  3. Patience!

    We’re just tidying up some of the documentation before everything is released into the wild.

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