RGB Star and Rock Concert Video Clips

First clip comes from mrpackethead in New Zealand, who used attached 60 1-meter RGB tubes to a section of motorized truss.  These tubes are available for hire, by the way.

The track is called “Everybody” by PlanetShakers.. They were actually doing that song, but the audio on my camera was terrible, so I used the original.

It’s downloadable from iTunes, that’s where I got it from.


Second clips is a 47.5″ star with 136 RGB nodes attached.  Video shot in here in our shop.

For the curious, this is an early prototype of a system which will be distributed by Animated Lighting.  Check with them for pricing, availability and more details.

P.S.   Video questions:  This was shot with a Nikon point & shoot camera, tripod mounted, autofocus off.  The camera was perfectly still during recording.  But, the captured image hops all over the place.  No idea why, and it drives me crazy.

It only seems to occur in high-contrast video clips.  Daylight shooting works as expected.

Camera glitch?  Anyone have an idea?

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  1. Question for mrpackethead,

    Are those tubes something you made from these LED’s, or another byproduct of this supplier? I am very interested in these, as they are almost like the tubes from Element Labs (now owned by Barco). How many pixels do these tubes have?


  2. @Ryan,

    The tubes are a new product that we are about to launch which we have developed. The video above was a ‘pre-launch’ show we did with one of my customers in New Zealand.

    The tubes are 16 pixels per tube, and each pixel is made up of 2 high brightness LED’s.

  3. It may be the camera’s electronic image stabilization feature causing the jumping. I would try disabling that.

  4. The image jumping around maybe due to the pixel seperation in the image sensor of the camera. What I noticed is that the image jumping occured mostly during the pure pixels (ie saturated R G or B.)

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