E16 Art-Net Controller, Massive Node Shipment & More

First – and finally! – there’s an enormous batch of node strings en route to our shop.  The factory ended up being about 10 days late with the delivery, but we’re super excited.  This shipment contains 300+ strings of 42 nodes.  About 2/3 are spoken for already, and the factory is making several hundred more strings in addition.

If you’ve placed an order in the past few weeks, this is the shipment we’re waiting for.

225 pounds worth.

Next, a quick preview of the soon-to-be-released E16 Ethernet Node Controller.

E16 Ethernet Node Controller
  • Receives Art-Net 2.0 and (coming soon) E1.31 control data.
  • Input frame rate of up to 44 Hz
  • Drives 16 strings of 42 nodes, using between 1 and 4 universes of data
  • Simple web-based configuration wizard.  Node count, universe number, string start address and more can be set on a per-string basis.
  • Matching 5V / 50A power supply takes up less counter space (!) than the E16 controller itself.
  • Fuse per output for sleep-at-night safety.
  • Built-in test patterns for confirming wiring & string assignments, no ethernet connection required.

Below are a couple screen shots taken from the web-based configurator.

I’ve been playing with an early prototype E16 controller for the past few days and can’t stop smiling.  It’s amazing.

More soon!


9 Replies to “E16 Art-Net Controller, Massive Node Shipment & More”

  1. John, my brain hurts.. But i think we even suprised ourselves! Smiles all around the world..

    Folks we’ll have some product details soon!

  2. Artistic License’s DMX Workshop & Bandwidth Tester utilities (full blast 44 Hz / 4 universes without a hiccup) for early functionality testing. I’ve just built a patch in Madrix which uses 4 sequential universes, 42 nodes per string and 16 strings. Madrix recognizes the E16 controller, based on data in the ArtPolReply packet.

    Will work with that setup for a bit, and then test JS_DMX later today.

  3. I’ll test it tomorrow for you, though I don’t anticipate finding any problems at all. I’ve got a copy of MagicQ on the shop machine, but haven’t done much work with it.

  4. … the nice result of all the big hardware and software guys settling on a couple of well-defined standards is that most everyone’s bits can play nicely in the same sandbox.

  5. @Greg re: MagicQ.

    Sorry for the delay.

    I’m not sure I have the patience to completely learn MagicQ. However, I can tell you that I’ve…

    * Launched MagicQ and set its IP address to
    * Enabled Art-Net output on 4 consecutive universes
    * Connected it to the E16 controller
    * Checked the controller’s logfiles (accessible via the configuration webpage) and learned that approximately 30 packets per second of Art-Net data are being received.

    MagicQ, so far as I can tell, doesn’t display a tree / network of connected Art-Net devices. It also doesn’t generate ArtPol packets, which query devices on the network. It simply spews data when enabled.

    I’ve not tried to create a patch or add devices or anything like that, but all indications point to the E16 working well with MagicQ PC.

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