Testing and Shipping

An enormous stack of 8-bit RGB LED Nodes

Though we’ve asked the factory to thoroughly test each string of RGB nodes before shipping them to us, I double-check that each color in each node works properly in our shop before sending them out to our end customers.

In this case, 185 strings of 42 nodes were tested today.

For them to be tested simultaneously (they weren’t, but just for fun…) the following calculations are required:

  • 185 strings x 42 nodes / string = 7,770 nodes
  • 7,770 nodes * 3 channels / node = 23,310 control channels
  • 23,310 control channels / 512 channels per universe = 45.5 DMX universes
  • 23,310 control channels * 21 mA per channel = 489.51 Amps at 5.0V DC

4 Replies to “Testing and Shipping”

  1. 63 mA/channel?

    In some of your other documentation (such as the “Why only 42 nodes” in the FAQ) you indicate it is 65 mA/node, not per channel.

    63 mA/channel seems quite high – I have never seen an RGB LED in the form factor of that used in your nodes (e.g. diffused 5/8/10mm LED) that had a per-channel rating greater than 20 mA. (Although I guess we might eventually see the RGB equivalent of the 5-chip 0.5W/1W single-color LEDs.)

  2. @ Andy – nice catch. You’re quite correct, and I’ve edited the numbers above to more closely match reality.

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