RGB Node Delivery Dates, E16 Production Photos and More.

What an amazing few weeks.

The only real way to describe interest in this project is ‘humbling.’  We’ve seen orders and inquiries pour in from around the globe.  Here’s a public ‘thank you’ for your interest and your trust.

I’ve included in this post several odds, ends & items of interest.

1.  Comment Spam

All comments on this site are held for moderation, unless something you’ve written has been previously approved.  A few days ago, this gem turned up in the queue:

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Sadly, it also contained links to an Internet get-rich-quick scheme, which I’ve thoughtfully deleted.

Moving on…

One of our customers sent a link to this YouTube clip.  He’s got a T3 bridge and string of RGB nodes connected to a Light-O-Rama iDMX-1000 controller:

E16 Production

The E16 Ethernet Controller went through 21 different PCB revisions before the final design was approved.  Of those 19, we ran actual circuit boards for 3 or 4.  And for each those designs, 3-4 board sets were populated and tested.

For these short runs, this was all done by hand.  Looking back on the process, it’s probably fair to estimate 3 hours per board for applying solder paste, loading components, cooking the board, then testing.

Yesterday mrpackethead snapped a few quick pictures at the factory where the E16s are now being produced.  The assembly robots (sadly, because of the factory schedule, we apparently were stuck with the slow one) churn out a panel of 3 logic boards every 4.5 minutes).


Field Installations

If you’ve already purchased nodes or controllers, we’d love to see your end results.  Feel free to add a comment to the bottom of this page with a short description, plus links to your own site, video clips or still images.  Some time in the future, we’ll condense the relevant replies into a new article.

Node & Controller Availability

In an attempt to wind down the bulk of production, shipping and tech support before December begins, we’re strongly urging that all node and controller orders be placed by Saturday, November 6.  Request a quote here, visit the online store here.

This gives us time to place our requests with the factory for more bits and pieces, should we run out of local stock.  Having played the ‘Pay FedEx a Fortune to Deliver Heavy Heavy Boxes Around the Globe at Lightning Speed’ game before, and having then been presented with the freight bill…

Note that November 6 isn’t by any means a hard deadline.  We’ll do our best to fill any order that comes in.  But life will be easier and much less expensive – for all parties – if we’re given time to work.

In Summary…

  • T3 Controller works with Light-O-Rama’s iDMX interface
  • Robots, even the slow ones, are blindingly fast
  • Send in your project photos and links
  • Order soon for best delivery



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  1. Just a quick note on my integration experience of the T3 bridge with the Lightorama iDMX. Things have worked well with the exception of one limitation of the iDMX hardware. It is limited to 128 simultaneous intelligent channel operations. In otherwords you cannot simultaneousely fade all 168 nodes that you can connect to a T3 and control via an iDMX. See the lightorama forum for more discussion on the topic.
    Note that this is a limitiation as of 12/2010 that I believe LOR is looking at handling via new products/control methods.

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