More Video

Mrpackethead presents 84 strings * 42 pixels = 3,528 RGB nodes (10,584 DMX-over-ArtNet channels), synchronized and ready for a summer (down under!) yard party.

Madrix software runs on a quad core 3.4 Ghz Windows 7 beast of a computer.

Video captured with a Canon EOS 7D & 10-22mm zoom lens.

Video clip #2

2010 RGB Nodes – Video Clip Gallery

A collection of clips collected from around the Internet.

mrpackethead’s Comet Star is 5 meters (16 feet) tall and 2.5 meters wide. ¬†Each tube uses 48 DMX channels to control 16 nodes inside a translucent waterproof enclosure.

24 strings (folded in half) makes a 48 x 21 grid of light.  Driven by Art-Net and a pair of E16 controllers.

Finally, the guys over at (makers of some cool software which connects to an ENTTEC Pro USB dongle) sent over this demo clip:

If you’ve done something neat with your controllers and nodes, feel free to send over a link to photos, video clips and project information.