New Year’s Eve Tree

Just fooling around with cheesy transitions in the video editing program.  At any rate, the New Year’s Eve guests thought the tree was fun, even though (especially since?) the patterns displayed weren’t as subdued as what played throughout the Christmas season.

On a happy note, the waterproof E16 chassis withstood a week of nearly continuous rain, snow, warm and freezing weather between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Thanks, everyone, for your support and comments throughout the year.  It’s been a wild ride for sure.

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3 Replies to “New Year’s Eve Tree”

  1. That’s just what I envisioned doing with an RGB tree. Other colors for other holidays. I For New Year’s Eve, I set my string to a static fuchsia/yellow/azure. I’ll run my window displays until Thurs. (“Little Christmas”), and I’ll likely leave the RGB nodes up for one last display on Valentines day (shades of red/fuchsia perhaps with white).

    You should look into talking with Rockefeller Center, to one day get the lights on that tree!

  2. @Mike – The tree is driven by Madrix, but most of the looks are multiple effects engines running on top of each other. The way they mix, mask and blend together allows for very sophisticated cues which would be impossible (or at least, very, very time consuming) to create on any other platform.

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