RGB LED Control – Superbowl XLV

We were honored this year to work with costume designers of the halftime show.  Since most of the project relates to DMX recording & capture (and only almost included our 8-bit RGB nodes), a description has been posted elsewhere on our site.

Take a look… It was a lot of fun to work on these designs.

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  1. My fiance said you did an excellent job. I didn’t get to see the 1/2 time show. Ill be in SLC 2/24-3/5 staying at Homewood Suites in downtown. Coming out to teach at Boeing.

  2. Since I missed the halftime show, I’ll need to find video of it to watch. The folks at slate.com threw a little love your way:

    “Halftime: Despite the complex wiring required to make the Black Eyed Peas’ light-up costumes a reality, there’s not a single wardrobe malfunction. Mazel tov to the crew!”

    (Scroll down the italicized section above the “Third Quarter” heading.)

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