Halloween 2011

Thanks to Mountain View Staging for the power & data cable, LED uplights and other infrastructure bits.

Six StellaGreen strings driven by last year’s E16-I controllers.  Assorted pneumatic odds and ends.

We have such a fun neighborhood.  The Haunted Creature Crate worried many kids, and more then a few of their parents. 🙂

The box is actually a genuine shipping crate which came to New York City from Europe, packed full of crystal chandelier.  It somehow ended up empty in Utah much later, and I grabbed it from a seller on craigslist.


How to Build an RGB MegaTree


23' RGB Megatree, in blue and white.

Happy Friday!

Fall is finally here.  Love this season.

A lighting designer here in town was considering a giant Christmas tree as part of a December production.  So very late last night, we hauled some gear over to his rehearsal space and set up a demo system.

The twenty three foot tall tree (it could be more, but we ran out of flying space) is based 48 StellaGreen RGB strings and 3 of our new E16-II node controllers.

Complete control over the tree requires 24 universes of DMX data.  That’s more than twelve thousand control channels. However, since we left ‘practical’ behind several years ago, this is not a problem at all. Frame rate is 44 Hz.

More details about the green strings and controller will be posted very shortly.  For now, though, here’s some stills and video from the evening:

Note: I wish I’d remembered to take a photo with a person standing next to tree, just to give some sense of scale.  This tree is enormous.  And beautiful.  For rev2, the base will be bigger and the strings held with more tension.  In theory, the result will look a bit less like the famous Sorting Hat.


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