2012 Video Clip

Merry Christmas! There’s a new video clip at the bottom of this post.  It’s uploaded in HD, so you should be able to click on the YouTube screen and enlarge it if you’d like.

And, hooray for fresh snow!  You’ll see that a bunch of the tree bulbs are glowing under the snow.  Makes for a neat effect.

 In an earlier article, I’ve described some of the backstage technical details which make everything tick.

Late last night, a friend of mine (a very experienced lighting designer & master GrandMA programmer as well) came to visit.  He loved the different looks, and especially the fact that nearly all of them could stand on their own, background music or not.   We talked for a while about the behind the scenes gear that make everything run so nicely.

He asked what the ‘next step’ might be.

I had to think.  There’s currently available several RGB mappable, flexible pixel mesh products in the professional market.  And as they say, you can have anything in this world for money.

But – and this is perhaps more important – this is a home in a nice quiet neighborhood.  It’s neither a rock concert nor a rave.  And to this point, it still looks like classic Christmas lights, albeit slightly enhanced.  I think that’s important and magical.

At least for now, that’s how it’s going to stay.

A few nights ago, I went out to get the mail and noticed a car parked across the street.  They had their window open, and through it I could hear John Denver & the Muppets singing ‘Silent Night’ (see comments below).  The car was packed with 8 year old boys and their parents.  I asked the boys if they wanted to stand inside the tree and watch the patterns from there.

Super excited, they tumbled out of the car and over to the yard.  As I parted the light strings so they could climb in, one of the parents remarked that their friend said they ‘had to come visit the diamond house before Christmas.’

“The what?” I asked.

“The diamond house.  Because it’s so sparkly and amazing.”  That made me smile.

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy the video and stills below.


(If the YouTube player isn’t displayed below, the direct link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pulVKhPms0 )

Click any still picture to enlarge.

8 Replies to “2012 Video Clip”

  1. This is a very beautiful and classy Lightshow John, Congratulations. We had a budget cut this year and had to curtail our experiments with RGB and came up with this Xmas Tree of Light and Laughter, Sydney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czFIOilGQeg which amuses many visitors and children by utilising just simple old fashioned chasers. I hope we get to work with you at some point when budgets are re-assessed in the future. In the meantime Bravo for such an elegant, subtle and understated beautiful design. ++++ positivity, Roger

  2. “slightly enhanced”, there’s the understatement of the year! 🙂 I love the ‘waves’ and washes. Wish I had your budget and half your talent. Happy 2013!

  3. You have excellent taste John. We’re on the same page regarding concerts/raves. Could you share more of the names on your song list?

    John (ThaiWay)

  4. Not in order, and I think I’ve missed a few, but…

      Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella by Peter Breinholt
      Carol of the Bells by Steven Sharp Nelson (this is a really fun and slightly edgy cello piece… Check him out on YouTube, and also look up a channel produced by ‘The Piano Guys’.
      Hallelujah Chorus, Mormon Tabernacle Choir
      Silent Night, John Denver & the Muppets
      O Holy Night from Home Alone
      Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – the original mix
      Theme song from Polar Express, Josh Grobin
      Christmas Song (?) Alvin and the Chipmunks

    There’s a ton of kids in the neighborhood, so the music skews slightly younger. But it’s a nice mix.

  5. This is Beautiful as well as Tasteful. If I lived near you I would camp out nightly to watch your display. I truly wish I had the financial resources to do this. My house lacks the character yours has. Mine is a very simple Cape Cod and is boring. John, I love all the little subtle changes in color and details “Drops Of Lite” as I call them. you know all those little Greens and Reds you add and the washes and waves…All so gracefully done…TRULY BEAUTIFUL JOHN!!! Bravo!!!!!!

  6. Mark – If you are ever in Utah you’re welcome to camp in the yard. Thanks for taking a moment to visit this little corner of the web.

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