2013 Lights, First Clip

More clips coming soon, but here’s one to start with.  This version is quite heavily compressed, but was uploaded in a hurry so that some out-of-town folks could take a look.

And some still photos from a different song:

IMG_7228 IMG_7221


There was quite a bit more traffic this year than we’d seen before.  We learned a few days ago that the lights were featured in one of the 2 large newspapers in the area: Places in Utah to See Christmas Lights

…as well as a second ‘local activities’ site: 8 Local Must-See Christmas Lights


2 Replies to “2013 Lights, First Clip”

  1. very beautiful!. Collect 4 things have been with me through the 57 years I’ve lived: music, christmas, electronics and lighting. thank you very much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

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