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Colleagues Rave and Customers Breathlessly Report How Their Productions Changed Literally Overnight!

The Internet can be a wild and wooly place. Men are men and girls are often FBI agents. Unless you’ve visited our little shop just south of Salt Lake City, there’s a great chance you’ve never heard of us before.

Rest assured that everything comes with a 30 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. You can’t help but be delighted.

Here are just a few reviews we’re received from happy customers:

“My experience with Engineering Solutions Inc was very pleasant.

From the communication to the product, everything was flawless. The product (RGB Pixel) was professionally and safely packaged and shipped promptly.

The Pixels themselves exceeded my expectations and have been running flawlessly for the past two months… The information that was given was right on, and as a result I had my first project up and running within an hour of receiving them.

I am currently using 16 of the RGB Pixels in a 4×4 matrix display. Each square in this display is about 6″ x 6″ and about 4″ deep. The Pixels’ color is well diffused and mixing the three channels creates any color my heart could desire. Using DMX to control them, I can program many beautiful color washes, designs, and even scroll text.

Since this is in a highly visible area, and a decorative piece, the products reliability needed to be, and has been, perfect.

I would (and have) recommend Engineering Solutions Inc for a great product and great experience. I’m looking forward to purchasing again!”

Paul – Syracuse, New York



DAMM – those pixels are bright.

Had to run down the UPS man at 7:30 but finally have them. Well worth the wait. Thanks for your efforts John.”

Joel – Spencer, Iowa



“John Chapman from Engineering Solutions has offered great service…

For example I had what was believed to be a broken pixel, and he kindly offered to send a replacement free of charge; it later turned out to be a tiny soldering issue which I fixed in about 10 seconds.

He bent over backwards to add a dimmer channel to the existing firmware when I asked about it and provided loads of great advice about mounting and power supplies after I’d purchased.

Finally to top it all the pixels are an amazing price compared to anything else available on the market. The price being particularly good for those of us who aren’t American, given the current state of the dollar.

The pixels were in pairs in static proof bags, with the whole lot protected by bubble wrap in the box. The boards themselves are amazingly compact and worked flawlessly. He was even good enough to included an adaptor PCB, to convert the separate DMX and power connections to a suitable RJ45.

Having heard about the pixels a friend is waiting to have a demo of mine and will then probably be purchasing some himself for a tour he is working on.

If nothing else I can recommend them wholeheartedly just for the price alone. You can comfortably get 8-10 of these and enclosures and cabling for them, for the same price as one cheap LED PAR 56/64 or similar; allowing particularly effective effects lighting for a minimal cost.”

Peter – London, England



I would like to comment on the quality and service of response-box.com regarding the RGB Christmas light project.

I received my 72 pixels in an extremely short period of time from order to delivery.

The pixels came very well packaged in anti-static bags, programmed and ready to go. Who could ask for anything more.

My house has been the hit of the neighborhood and the pixels have performed flawlessly.

Thanks again !!!!!

Rick R – California



Recently, I had the opportunity to purchase some RGB Pixels from www.response-box.com. I placed my order with John Chapman, and he worked with me to ensure I received the lowest shipping price to Australia.

The units arrived, in a very sturdy shipping box, and each pair of PIXELS were in their own anti-static bag and surrounded by soft packing material. Just as I would expect from a top rate supplier.

John asked me during the ordering process if I wanted them pre configured with DMX addresses, the units were delivered with clear markings of the base address on each unit.

The standard of design and construction was top notch. The boards have a mixture of SMT and discrete components, each was well soldered to the board and showed good workmanship and attention to detail in the design.

I connected them to power and a DMX source (ENTTEC DMX PRO), and had them dimming and flashing in no time at all. My daughter has already asked if she can have the PIXELs installed in her room for mood lighting!

Well done on a great product,

John Wilson – Melbourne, Australia.



I finally got around to ordering a few test boards. I followed through the g-money (google missed the bus on naming this one….) links.

I was about halfway through when I noticed that my g-money account was linked to the wife’s cc.

Long story short, in the 4 days it took her to notice the charge, you had already emailed me to confirm the channels to use. The boards arrived less then a week later.

Tom – Colorado



I purchased a set of 10 RGB pixels, along with 2 power injector boards.

The units were pre programmed with the requested DMX addresses by John prior to their shipping.

The pixels when they arrived were in anti static bags and were well protected with plenty of packing material.

I am very pleased with the construction quality and performance of the pixels. While the power injector boards made it a breeze to get the units up and running.

Craig Johnson – NSW Australia



Thanks! These pixels are cool! The range of colors is great! And, the LED implementation requires little power.

For a bit more than the price of a normal low energy light bulb I have a string with the ability to separately control each light.

Everyone loves the effect.

Bruce Lundeby – Colorado











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