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May 14, 2010

We’re excited to announce pre-ordering for the RGB nodes & controllers.

Above all, we want to ensure that our products match your expectations and the application you have planned.  Therefore, we’re committed to taking the time required to completely understand your requirements.

As part of your system, you may need:

  • Strings of 42 waterproof 8-bit RGB nodes on 10 cm centers
  • T1 Art-Net or ACN (basically DMX over ethernet) bridge converters
  • T2 USB to DMX bridges (similar in function to an Enttec USB Pro converter, but optimized for driving the T3 controller)
  • T3 Node Drive Controller, which handles up to 4 strings and accepts DMX-512.  Includes an effects engine for easy programming.
  • 20′ node extension cable (use only 1 per string)
  • 12′ power extension cable (use only 1 per T3 controller)
  • 5V DC switching power supplies
  • Waterproof enclosures for power supplies
  • Software for easily driving large arrays of RGB LEDs

Just fill out the form below with as much detail as you can.  When does your system need to go live? How do you plan to control it?  Indicate whether you’d like to be contacted by phone or by email, and we’ll be in touch with pricing and a proposed system architecture.

Note that due to extraordinary demand, systems quoted right now will be available for delivery in about 4 weeks.  However, by mid-summer, we expect to have inventory on everything.

Note: If you’re interested in the ‘Open’ T3 design firmware and PCB files, they’ll be available in mid-June.  The design will accept DMX input and offer discrete control of a single string of 42 pixels.  We expect to have a ‘bundle’ price which includes a bare PCB and a single string of nodes.  You provide a power supply (+5v @ 3A, tightly regulated) and ~ $10 in other components.

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