Sep 202013

…well, sort of.  Our gear was there, though nobody from the shop staff had a chance to visit.

A few days back, we received this thoughtful (and unsolicited) email:

So, your responsebox was awesomely reliable in unreasonable conditions for a week at burning man.  The box I installed in our organ controlling a light show worked beautifully!

-Tom Pine

Earlier in the spring, we’d spent some pre-sale time on the phone with artist Tom Pine.  He needed a straightforward and simple way to drive a handful of DMX channels from a MIDI keyboard.  Our DecaBox with MIDI->DMX firmware was a perfect fit, so we sent one out for further testing.

Once the gear arrived, we talked on the phone once more, just to confirm that everything was up and running.

It turns out that the entire project was called ‘The Church Trap’ and its project website is here.  Our box was part of the organ, and it helped drive the sashes of LED mounted in the ceiling.

Here’s an amazing after-dark picture of the interior.  It was featured in Rolling Stone as well.  And finally, a clip from YouTube.  And, the entire installation was burned at the end of the event.

Thanks, Tom, for the chance to help out with your project.  It’s always fun to see how this gear gets used around the world.

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