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Racks of LED Dimmers, with a DMX Offset Machine Front End

Racks of LED Dimmers, with a DMX Offset Machine Front End.  Click to enlarge.

We were recently able to work with UK-based company Pixelite Ltd. They needed a custom DMX reformatting solution, which we shipped just a day after our initial discussion with them.

Picture a large rack cabinet loaded with a large group of high powered 3-channel RGB LED drivers.  Each driver has a set of DIP switches  for setting its start address.  Obviously it takes some time to address each driver.  But once the job is done, it doesn’t need to change.

Now suppose that this rack of LED drivers is cross-rented to someone else’s show.  If the original set of DMX address range (perhaps 1-120) don’t work nicely with the new LD’s patch, it takes a ton of time, probably in the dark and usually under pressure, to reconfigure everything.

The DMX offset machine, in effect, becomes a ‘master’ controller for the entire rack of LED drivers, combining many discrete drivers into a single system.  Once the address on the offset machine is set to anything which is convenient, the hidden sets of DIP switches never need to be touched again.

In their own words:

We use rack mounted LED DMX dimmers to control our equipment and were spending hours a week opening the racks to readdress them. We needed to find a way of offsetting the start addresses to avoid having to do this.

Engineering Solutions were the most helpful company we approached. They created a bespoke solution and shipped it to The U.K. in just ten days* for an impressive price.

Fantastic service! I would recommend them to anyone.



(*) This is delivery halfway around the world, 10 days from when they first contacted us. We picked USPS Priority Mail for a good balance of delivery speed and price.  UPS, FedEx and DHL are also available.  They’re faster but proportionally more expensive.

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Sample Setup – Click to Enlarge

This graphic shows how the system works.  Since the DecaBox has separate DMX input, through and output jacks, it was very straightforward to create custom firmware to do what they needed.  The pushbuttons and LCD make it easy to set the system’s start address.  Total latency is approximately 1/44 second from input to output, which is virtually unnoticeable.

As it turns out, the package spent more time waiting in line to clear customs than it did traveling across the ocean. We love being able to offer innovative gear and quick turnaround times to our customers.  Need something similar?  Let us know.

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