Behringer Digital EQ / Tascam CD Player Bridge


"I need each track of my CD to be played through a different EQ curve. Automatically."

This was a fun project that fit right in to our niche of designing custom MIDI, serial and DMX interfaces. In this case, our customer had a professional Tascam CD player and a digital Behringer EQ he wanted to integrate together. The CD player had a serial interface, through which all manner of information could be communicated: transport control, current track information, timing information, etc. The EQ had memory storage for several different EQ presets which could be loaded with custom MIDI messages.

It took a few hours of studying the equipments’ instruction manuals, but we determined we could design firmware to communicate with both the EQ and the CD player successfully.

Et Voila… a little black (well, silver, actually) box which gathers track information from the CD player via RS-232, massages and converts the data, then instructs the EQ to load the appropriate preset via MIDI.

Link to the customer’s installation:

From the happy owner:

I’ve been into Car audio competition for a long time. The goal for sound quality competition is to recreate a live unamplified concert as close as possible to the original performance. In a car this can be really difficult to achieve.

I decided to try something different for my rebuild this time around. I wanted the ability to program a dual 30 band equalizer for each track on the competition CD. This would require some carefully chosen equipment. I purchased a Pro audio CD player that allows the use of a serial connection. I then purchased a pro audio digital equalizer that has a midi control port to allow outboard control of the EQ functions.

The problem I ran into was no one made anything to interface or Bridge the Serial port from the CD player to the Midi port on the Equalizer.

This is where John Chapman at Engineering Solutions came in. I was really about to give up on the project until I found the website. I sent an e-mail describing what I was trying to do with my equipment to John. He got back with me incredibly quickly with some great news. He thought it was something that could be done. I was very excited at that point!

The next morning I called and spoke to John about what would be needed to get started. We talked about what functions the serial to MIDI bridge would need to do to meet my needs. John was very help full and took the time to explain everything so I could understand what was required to make this work.

I sent John an Equalizer and Cd player for Testing. Within a few weeks he had a finished serial to MIDI bridge for me to try out. We went through one Firmware change with the Bridge, mainly because the EQ I sent for testing was a slightly different Model than the one I was actually using in the car. John made this Firmware change at no extra charge. The serial to MIDI bridge is now installed in the car and works perfectly. I could not have made all this work without John Chapman at Engineering Solutions help.

Mike Peterson


If you’d like something similar, just let us know. We’re always on the lookout for groovy little niche designs like this. Turnaround time is speedy and our pricing is very reasonable.

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