DMX Preset Playback


DMX Preset Playback Machine.

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Programmable DMX Scene Playback – Spring 2008

This was a prototype system built for a client in California.

They needed to play back a series of 8 different DMX-512 scenes. Their larger system included some production automation equipment which would run different variations of their show, based on a few incoming DMX values.

This circuit board was designed as a simple preset playback panel which would send cues to their larger system.

The design we came up with has a series of 8 local pushbuttons for preset control. There are also 8 optically isolated ‘contact closure’ inputs on screw terminals (not installed in this photo) for remotely triggering the different presets.

The included LCD display is used to build up the various DMX clues, which are stored in permanent memory

If you’d like something similar, just let us know. We’re always on the lookout for groovy little niche designs like this. Turnaround time is speedy and our pricing is very reasonable.

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