DMX 'Shotbox'


DMX Shotbox

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A ‘User Proof’ Single-Channel DMX Trigger

We received an urgent call (aren’t they all?) one afternoon from a customer doing theatrical work.

The details are a bit hazy, but the gist of their situation was that their orchestra director needed to trigger an off-stage effect – at a specific and crucial point in the show. The off-stage effect was capable of receiving DMX. They just needed a single, dedicated ‘bump button’ to make it run.

Within about 24 hours we shipped the system shown above. It’s basically a 512-channel DMX console mounted in a sturdy Pelican case… There wasn’t nearly enough time to have a custom enclosure fabricated.

There are two user controls: a toggle switch to arm the system and a 2″ square illuminated pushbutton which triggers the effect. To provide positive visual feedback, the pushbutton glows even more brightly when pressed.

The internal LCD display is used to set the DMX address that the ‘bump’ cues are transmitted on.


If you’d like something similar, just let us know. We’re always on the lookout for groovy little niche designs like this. Turnaround time is speedy and our pricing is very reasonable.

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