Serial to MIDI Converter


The Serial to MIDI Converter

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This system has been discontinued

and replaced by the DecaBox Protocol Bridge.

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This was a straightforward little design. Note that the chassis was machined to include DMX In & through connectors, which weren’t needed in this case. However, we have a stack of this style chassis on the shelf. We like it because it supports DMX, serial, MIDI and several status LEDs. Very flexible. And we don’t need to run custom metal for each new project. (Though we’re happy to if that’s what you need…)

A quick note from the customer:

I recently had a troubling situation evolve where I needed to communicate with a MIDI device connected to a PC, and I had to send MIDI strings from a standard serial port (which did not support 32.5k baud), and the device I was using had a limited outbound buffer size. As Murphy’s Law would dictate, I had a customer (very large corporate exec) who would not hear of any time delays or excuses, and I was on a serious hot seat for a solution. I scoured the internet, and found a solution in Germany, but could not get them to answer the phone, then finally I ran across Engineering Solutions, Inc.

I called John and told him my dilemna, and suprisingly in 2 days I had the solution in my rack and working, a happy customer, and most importantly, my rear-end was off the hot seat.

Engineering Solutions, Inc. delivered a solution that matched my situation to the ‘T’,
and the overall design was simple and cost effective.

Initially, I was hoping for a solution to be delivered within a week or so
and additionaly I expected the solution to be a little more costly than what it
was. So I was very pleased with the delivery time and pricing of the solution.

The custom circuit board I received has been in my customer’s rack now for a month and has not failed, so I can now quit being paranoid about my customer calling with communication problems for their MIDI device.

I would recommend Engineering Solutions, Inc. to ANYONE I ran across in need of custom circuitboard solutions.

Tom Brittingham – A/V Systems Integrator

Progicon Systems,LLC Dayton Ohio

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