Convert between MIDI, DMX, and RS232

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  1. Hi Kris. I’m curious – what would you be using as an RS-232 source? It seems like the Pearl console would be able to drive the different fixtures natively, yes?

  2. Hmmm… So do you think, this product, coupled with another box ( will allow me to transmit OSC values via iPad, wirelessly into midi notes then through your box to MSC and then trigger cues via Jands Vista or other MSC-able desks?
    Have you guys ever dabbled with OSC or wifi?

  3. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. We’ve poked around briefly with OSC, but nothing wireless yet.

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  5. As a follow up, programmer Wes (see other comments) has provided Crestron modules and a demo video. Take a look!

  6. […] a result of our ‘Free Gear in Exchange for a Programming Module‘ offering a few weeks ago, programmer Wes Albert was kind enough to provide four Crestron […]

  7. Dear sir,

    I like to buy this RS232 Driven DMX Engine. Do you ship to Belgium Europe and what do I have to do?

    Kind regards

    Jan Slembrouck

  8. Jan – send a quick email to sales AT and we’ll sort out the international shipping. No problem at all.

  9. Hey John,

    I love the Shiny Knobby Box and it was what inspired me to come to you about the project we discussed last year. Any chance of discussing it again?

    Kevin Barry

  10. Very cool. Do they just control DMX channels 1 through 8 or is there a dip switch for an offset? I suppose if the setup is super simple with each room being its own universe the a simple no-offset version would work well.

  11. Yes, just channels 1-8. Wouldn’t be hard to add a switch to rev2 though…

  12. Good afternoon!
    My name is Pavel.I’m from Russia.

    Need information about The DecaBox Universal Protocol Bridge.
    Are there any you have for sale?
    What is the cost?
    What is the cost of transportation and delivery time, if the destination of Hamburg?
    I ask you to reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot.

  13. Privet Pavel… Yes, we have plenty of stock available. 6-10 day shipping through the post office is $38. This is insured and trackable online. We can also ship using FedEx / UPS. This service is usually 2-5 business days, and price would be in the $130 – $160 range for freight.

  14. Good afternoon!
    I ask you to provide information that you have: signal converter from format RC-232 to MIDI.
    Need to a Crestron control system to control audio mixer, which control input is only MIDI
    What is his value?
    How much will it cost transportation to the destination in Hamburg?
    How soon can you send to us after payment?


  15. Pavel – check your email for details.

  16. Do you plan on implementing this for Mac OSX use?

  17. @Kevin – I don’t see why it couldn’t work right now under OS X. There’s a whole flock of USB-Serial adapters out there (we’re partial to those from FTDI) which show up in /dev/tty. Any terminal program which can read and write to the port should work nicely. Since our command syntax is all ASCII-based, you should be up and running in no time. Here’s a free app which looks promising:

  18. I’d be glad to make a run at creating control for Extron and Biamp / Mediamatrix / misc audio DSP controllers. We find that a lot of churches and conference rooms will need just that one more feature that is the difference between having the audio DSP / simple projector control handle everything and needing a Crestron or AMX solution.

  19. @Mike – sounds great. Let’s discuss your shipping address on the phone. Shop number is 801 949 8294.

  20. I have a decabox controlling LED dimmers.
    does this firmware apply?


  21. Hi Sean – This firmware was built for the standalone RS232 to DMX engine, which doesn’t include the pushbuttons, LCD, etc. With a bit of work, we could back-port the new RS232 commands to the DecaBox firmware, however. What sort of timeline are you working with?

  22. Your product looks great. I would be interested in creating a driver for RTI to work with this. Similar to Crestron or AMX but a bit more affordable.

  23. I have looked at the Modules provided by wes and they are great, I would be interested in going a little further with the crestron, I am also an Extron Programmer and could take a crack at that as well. If there are no more testing units maybe wes could test my additions to his existing set.

  24. I made a modification to Wes’ Crestron module to allow me to simplify control of a single channel.
    Inputs: On, Off, Raise, Lower.
    Parameters: Channel, On Intensity, On Ramp Time, Off Ramp Time.
    Output: Tx$.
    I do nto have the equipment so we will be testing at a clients house on Friday. I would prefer if someone tests it before that…anyone interested?

  25. Alex – thanks for the update. If your testing goes well, please consider sharing your updated code.

  26. John, when do you anticipate the card programming tool to be complete. Have you run up against a problem? Please give me a call.

    Jack Klosterman

  27. Hello, can I use the Kenton control freak to record midi info into cubase ( in real time ) then via your Decabox play back the sequence to control the lighting ?

    Kind regards


    Wakefield / West Yorkshire / England

  28. Hi Martin – Yes, I can’t see any reason why that sort of setup wouldn’t work.

  29. Hi John, received my decabox yesterday after a long stint in UK customs. Brilliant, within 10 minutes I had it hooked up to my Kenton control freak and cubase was recording all the slider movements and playing them back spot on. The only concern I have at the moment ( and I haven’t had it long enough yet to experiment ) is when I stop the sequencer ( cubase 6.5 ) the lights all go out and I need them to stay on sometimes. Can you think where I might start to rectify this niggling problem ?



  30. Sounds like your sequencer might be sending out the command ‘all notes off’ when stop is pressed. The DecaBox responds to this command by clearing all of the DMX channels. Perhaps there is a setting in Cubase which could change the behavior…

  31. Had a good look at that John and I think you are correct but cant find where it is in cubase to turn it off, preferences seemed the logical place but to no avail !

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  33. Brilliant piece of kit! I don’t have a use for this now but this show cases how your exceptional skills can solve the unsolvable. Congratulations.

  34. John, Just a quick line to tell you I’ve sorted the problem I had with Note off messages and your unit is performing bloody superbly ! The fades I’ve created for our show are ( as the other band members say ) stunning. your deca box handles all the continuous controller messages I fire at it via my kenton control freak with ease. Once again a fantastic product and thank you for making it.

    Many thanks indees

    Martin Laycock

  35. A goood new idea! It’ll become a fashion in a moment, just Broadway, Hollywood,Paris, London…(+China manufacturers) have to know/hear about it!!

  36. Does this unit support USB MIDI or just DIN?

  37. Thanks for your note, Brad. Currently MIDI in and out happen via the DIN jacks. The USB port is only used for firmware updates.

  38. Hi, thank you for creating this product! I play percussion in a band and we recently bought a Roland drum pad (Roland SPD-SX), this product has 9 different drum pads and I would like to use the various drum pads to trigger different lights via midi.

    So basically I would be playing the drum pad and different DMX lights would be getting triggered to the beat of the song, depending on what pads I hit. Is this possible through your DecaBox? It seems that this is possible, but I just want to make sure. Thanks for your time!

  39. @Brandon – Thanks for your note. I can’t think of any reason why this wouldn’t work perfectly for you.

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