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It’s finally here! Our world-standard RS-232 DMX Engine received a network upgrade.  We carefully considered feedback and suggestions from existing customers, and incorporated many of those ideas here.

Here’s the gist:

  • Chassis is 1.5″ tall, 6.5″ wide and 4″ deep.  It’s slightly larger than our standard RS-232 system, but still fairly compact.  As before, it contains mounting ears so it can be screwed to a wall or panel.  Or, with the optional rack wing kit, it will neatly fit in a single rack space with rear-facing connectors and front panel status LEDs.
  • separate DMX outputs.  These can be driven in parallel (three copies of the same signal) or driven as three discrete universes – that’s 512 x 3 = 1,536 channels for your programming pleasure.
  • As before, every DMX channel has its own running-in-parallel silky-smooth dimming engine.  You tell the channels where to go and how long to take, and we take care of the rest.  Each channel’s fade status is updated 100 times per second.
  • 128 scenes can be stored for each DMX output.  These scenes, plus user-selectable crossfade times, can be recalled using simple human-readable commands.
  • Each output has its own drive stage.  One output is Neutrik etherCON, allowing DMX over CAT5 cable using the accepted pins 1, 2 & 8 standard.  The second and third outputs are official Neutrik XLR-5 and XLR-3 respectively.
  • Each DMX refresh rate can be toggled between ‘full speed’ (40 frames per second) per the standard DMX spec and our special ‘slow’ version which supports some low-tier products which don’t cope well with faster settings.
  • Power supply is a UL / CE listed switching wall wart (narrow, designed to use just one space on your power strip), but PoE support is included as well.  The system uses less than 5W total.  PoE is perfect for mounting the engine in remote locations.
  • The control syntax is nearly identical to what’s been used before, so your existing codebase will work with very small changes.  We’ve added commands for driving discrete universes, but out-of-the-box you’ll have great success.  Contact us for a complete syntax.
  • System supports both UDP and TCP/IP connections.
  • Includes a password-protected web interface for changing system-wide parameters such as setting a static or dynamic IP address, etc.
  • Firmware can update either by uploading a local encrypted file, by an automatic ‘pull’ from our servers, or by user-specified update request.  It’s your choice.  The system doesn’t phone home or attempt to spy on your installation.  It’s not our business, and frankly, we’re too busy to bother.

Future firmware updates (Summer 2018 is our goal) will include:

  • Art-Net support (three discrete universes or 1 universe mirrored 3x)
  • E1.31 / sACN support (again, three separate universes or mirrored copies)
  • Encrypted connection support for regular DMX Engine commands.

We’re waiting for the metal shop to finish the first chassis run. We anticipate delivery mid-June.  As such, this is your chance to obtain an Ethernet DMX engine at pre-release pricing of $237.  Once we’ve got stable inventory, the price will jump back up to $288 in small quantities.

The rack ear kit will be a separate add-on, available mid-June for around $30.

To claim one as your own, scroll to the top of this page and click ‘Add to Cart.’  The system will handle the rest.  As a pre-order insider, you’ll receive frequent email updates between now and when everything ships.



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