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Colleagues Rave and Customers Breathlessly Report About How Their Productions Changed Literally Overnight!

Since 2003 we’ve shipped hundreds of projector shutters all over the globe. Some of our customers have graciously shared their experiences using our gear.

My company does large screen projection at many of the Washington DC area theaters for Corporate, Association and Government clients.

Several of the locations prefer rear projection which occasionally means flying the screen in and out. A number of our projectors do not have manuel dousers and it became a problem on a show two weeks ago when a client at the Kennedy Center moved the video role from the top of the show into the middle with the house electric RP screen. This meant we had to fire up the projector as the electric screen rolled down (it takes 19 seconds).

If we had known in advance, we would have changed projectors to one with a manuel douser but this decision was last minute. As a result, the end of the start up count down was visible on the screen.

The next day I went on the internet and googled Projector Douser. There were three types to choose from and because we do not use any DMX equipment, I chose the Mini Flapper. It was relatively inexpensive, simple design, worked with mic cable and did what we needed.

I ordered it and the next day picked up another job at the Kennedy Center where the screen was going to roll in during the show. I called John and asked if he could Federal it and it arrived the next day. My lead engineer/projectionist set it up and it worked great. Simple design, great price and it made the show that was attended by the President of the United States.

Kirby Whyte,
Creative Video of Washington, Inc.


John Chapman at Engineering Solutions was a invaluable resource for our latest production. Not only was he extremely fast in getting back to us about our questions – were actually communicated over the phone in person!

He checked in several times to assure our needs were met, and that the flapper arrived on time & worked as promised. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I recommend this company highly for it’s personal attention & friendly attitude.

Karen Perlow, Lighting Designer, MIT

Valley Christian Theatre is a 200 seat, proscenium arch venue that houses approximately 15 productions of varying size each year.

A few years ago we started using projections very heavily in a number of these productions, specifically our dance shows. We immediately realized the issue of the “big grey box” that occurs even when you project an all black screen, and for many years our solution a homemade gaff tape and cardboard shutter that was literally flipped up and down in front of the projector with a piece of tie line.

While neither convenient or pretty, this solution kept us going for a while because it did effectively block the light. When our High School theatre department began work on a production of the Broadway hit “Les Miserables” one of the major concerns was the traditional scrim projections or times and locations of the story. Upon testing the situation we found that to get a clear, bright image we needed to mount our projector to the ceiling in the middle of the theatre. The image looked great, the projections worked perfectly, but our homemade shutter was no longer operable, and our Lighting Designer was freaking out because the “big grey box” was ruining his beautiful design.

After a few hours of searching I found the Flapper Mini on your website and impressed by the simple design and the affordable price. I had also asked for a quote from another company for a similar product, but when yours came in hundreds of dollars lower I knew what the best choice was.

The Flapper Mini has worked wonderfully thus far! It’s a great design and is practically fool proof. I will recommend this product to anyone in a similar situation!

Matthew DeMeritt,
Associate Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Valley Christian High School

"The Flapper is a fabulous device… cost effective, quiet, and reliable. I am very pleased with this purchase."

Vickie J. Scott, Design Area Head Department of Dramatic Art, Division of Dance, University of California, Santa Barbara


"Time to get Flapper serial #3 out of box and running nicely: about 1 minute."

Alan Symonds,Technical Director, College Theatre Programs, Harvard


"The Flapper is great. We just got through our first tech rehearsal for the School of Fine Arts gala event, "The Odyssey of the Stars," and the Flapper worked flawlessly.

Of course all of us on the design / technical side of the production think that the Flapper is the coolest thing since sliced bread. We can finally achieve true blackouts between scenes when using video projection equipment.

The Flapper is a ‘must-have’ for all budget minded producing organizations interested in using multi-media in their productions."

Mark Dean, Co-Chair, Professor of Lighting Design, The Department of Drama/Dance, The University of Montana


"Your Flapper rocks! Is quick, smart and cute, just how we like ’em."

Stage Crew, Australian Dance Theatre


"The simplicity and precision of our projector cues now makes my job infinitely easier. I can’t imagine running a show without one."

Amanda Parsons, Stage Manager, Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah


"The Flapper was a great asset in helping to establish consistency in our production, by taking away the need for an additional crew member who would normally run a clumsy dousing contraption."

Shaun Ernst, Master Electrician, Pioneer Theatre Company, University of Utah


"The flappers arrived yesterday and they are awesome! Thanks so much."

Eric Mack,Production Electrician, UC Santa Cruz, Performing Arts Complex


"Well done! I have been trying to get someone to make some of these for me in Australia… I am sick of making string and cardboard devices!!!

Geoff Cobham
Bluebottle p/l


"This product has hit the nail on the head… it has made my life so much easier and has allowed me to put a projector where I want it and not have to worry about placing a person and a headset there."

Its price is unmatched and the service and quality are superb."

Ryan Fox, Methacton High School Theatre Company, Technical Director

Listen to some actual reports from the field (mp3 audio format)

Bob Shannon – University of Colorado, Colorado

Chris Balo – Portland State, Oregon

Chris Guptill – Ohlone College, California

Jessica Coale – Atlanta, Georgia

Joe Silovsky – The Builders Association, New York

John Flax – Theatre Grotessco, New Mexico

Jon Lagerquist – South Coast Repertory, California

Mack Headrick – 7 Stages, Georgia

A few more of our satisfied clients. Detailed reference and contact information is available upon request.

University of Colorado at Boulder: Theatre and Dance

Ohlone College, Freemont California

Donna Uchizono Dance Company, New York

Southland Christian Church, Nicholasville, Kentucky

Manheim Steamroller

Kenny Rogers

University of California San Diego

Chemainus Theatre, British Columbia

Methacton High School Theater Company, Norristown, Pennsylvania

7 Stages, Georgia

National Symphony, Washington DC

Neptune Theatre, Nova Scotia

Theatre Grotessco, New Mexico

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

The Builders Association, New York

Sun Technical Services, Massachusetts

Pyrotek Effects, Las Vegas

Radiate Films, Michigan

Oklahoma City University

Cocoa Village Playhouse, Florida

Hale Center Theatre, Utah

Bates College

Dance Place, Washington DC

The Julliard School

Carolina Theatre of Durham

Colorado Theatre

University of Southern Florida

TimeLine Theatre

Local Projects

Northwestern University

Trevor Day School

Creative Television Communications

Resurrection Life Church

Walla Walla College

The Necessary Stage

Ohio State University Dance Department

New City Video & Staging

Repertory Dance Theatre, Salt Lake City

Yale University

West Port County Playhouse

Amarillo Little Theatre

Richmond Ballet

Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Several Dancers Core

George Mason University

Michigan State University

Barnard Theatre Department

Brigham Young University

Squonk Opera

University of Montana: Department of Theatre and Dance

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of California, Long Beach

University of California, Santa Barbara

Florida State University: School of Visual Arts and Dance

The University of Arizona: College of Fine Arts

Harvard University: Fine Arts Department

University of Utah: Department of Modern Dance

Trinity College

Temple University

Tulane University: Theatre Department

Ravenswood Studios, Chicago

Mountain View Staging Services

Utah Department of Public Safety

University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

Mason-Rhynes Productions

Peter Breinholt & Big Parade

Harvard University Psychology Department

University of Utah Psychology Department

University of Tulsa Psychology Department

3M Worldwide

Empirisoft Research Software


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