DMX Engine – New Output Selection XLR3 + RJ45

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Nov 022020
We’re proud to use genuine Neutrik connectors.

Since lower-cost DMX equipment often uses either XLR3 or RJ45 connections, we’re pleased to release a version of the DMX Engine which supports both types of cable with zero adapters.

The RJ45 output follows the standard ‘568-B’ wiring scheme, where brown / brown white are tied to ground and orange / orange white contain the data signals.

As always, the pinout for the XLR3 connector is 1 = GND, 2 = D-, 3 = D+. same as the USITT standard that’s been around for nearly 30 years now.

Each output is driven by it’s own set of circuitry, meaning that up to 32 devices may be daisy-chained from each output if required. Be sure to terminate your DMX lines at the far end of the chain, otherwise the intermittent gremlins get in.

Grab yours in the online store today. We’re working to add this version to our Amazon marketplace, and send stock to international distributors as well. Thanks!