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It’s been more than 5 years and our video projector shutters are in use throughout the country and around the world. To our current and former customers we offer sincere appreciation.

Some backstory…

My name is John Chapman. I’ve been involved in lighting, sound, staging and video production for the past ten years, and I take extreme pride in the productions I’m involved with.

Back in 2003, I was working with a dancer to choreograph a production. She wanted to show a projected video clip midway though her piece. So we made the natural choice of runing trickline across the grid and through some pulleys, ending at the overhead projector position. Pulling the line would move a cardboard panel back and forth, giving us crude yet mostly effective blackouts for the projector.

That night, I decided I’d had enough.

One month later, the Flapper was born.

“The simplicity and precision of our projector cues now makes my job infinitely easier. I can’t imagine running a show without one.”

Stage Manager, Marriott Center for Dance, University of Utah

Amanda Parsons

If you use The Flapper in your next production, your audience will see exactly what you want them to see. Nothing more, nothing less. The difference is astounding.

Here’s why: The Flapper is a fully automatic, completely configurable, DMX-addressable shutter / douser for your video projector. Just add wall power and a data cable from your light board. In just 5 minutes you can significantly tighten your production.

Operation is simple: just move a fader or press a bump button. The Flapper responds just like a standard dimmer: your fader and the flap move together, as quickly or slowly as you want. Finally, you can program your video reveals as automatic cues – cues which will make your shows cleaner, tighter, and even more professional.

Never again will your video projector’s muddy gray ‘standby’ display pollute your backdrop. You can stop showing that embarrassing blue ‘play’ screen as your VCR starts up. And you won’t need to power cycle your expensive projection lamp between video cues.

Best of all, you can throw away that tangled mess of fishing line, gaff tape, cardboard and pulleys that you’ve been using to hide and reveal your video images. It didn’t work every time anyway, did it?

“The Flapper is great! Thank you again for the quick help – it really is making a big difference.”

Associate Technical Director, Southland Christian Church

Clifton Grimm

The Flapper’s LCD display shows your settings at a glance. The cool gray text is easy to read from a distance, but it won’t strain your eyes or bleed on your immaculate set. Using the intuitive menu display, you can quickly set the unit’s DMX address. You also can decide if the flap should reveal or hide your video image in the event of a catastrophic data failure.

Of course, all of your settings are stored safely in memory — they’ll be right where you left them when the power comes back on.

What’s that? You don’t want to run data cable all the way out to the projection position?

No problem. The optional manual switch box connects to The Flapper using as much 3 pin XLR cable as you want.

You get unlimited reliable, repeatable, sharp looking video reveals whenever you need them.

The Flapper was designed by technicians, for technicians.

We’ve ‘been there & done that’ long enough to understand how gear gets abused. The Flapper is road worthy and roadie proof. Its optically and galvanically isolated from the rest of your lighting rig. So you won’t fight with time wasting, interference causing, dangerous ground loops during tech rehearsal.

The internal circuitry can withstand a 15,000 volt jolt of static electricity. You can (but shouldn’t) accidentally apply 1000 VRMS AC across the data lines, and it won’t even blink.

We designed The Flapper to be completely self-contained. You won’t need to buy an expensive external power supply or controller. You don’t need to worry about complicated, intricate internal mechanisms breaking. We didn’t include any small parts to lose in the dark during strike. We think you’ll agree that it’s an idea whose time has come.

If you’d like, we can ship your new Flapper will nestled in the protective, molded foam of a Storm Case – the perfect enclosure for touring and filling in those gaps in your truck pack.

So take a moment to browse around the site. We’ve included video clips of the unit in action as well as purchase and rental pricing information. Just scroll to the top of this page and check out the links on the right.

If you need your gear tomorrow, we’ll be happy to oblige. Just let us know.


– John Chapman & the Engineering Solutions Team

PS – we offer a 3-Month No-Risk – 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you’re unhappy for any reason, just ship the equipment back and we will refund all your money. (Minus the small shipping and handling costs, of course.)

I will treat you the way I wish people treated me – with gracious trust and the benefit of the doubt.

You do not need to give a reason for returning the equipment for a refund. Your word is good enough.

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