Flapper Mini – Manual Control

Flapper Mini Video Projector Shutter

Flapper Mini Base Unit, Manual Switchbox, Paddle

Repackaged for 2010

The Flapper Mini was originally designed in 2006, about a year after its older DMX-controlled brother.

Many of our customers were doing ‘one-off’ briefcase’ gigs and didn’t have time run data cables to the facility’s video projectors. Or there wasn’t an optosplitter handy. Or enough five pin data cable. Or an extra channel on the light board they could use. One-night gigs can be like that.

“So,” we thought, “why not strip away the expensive DMX interface, keep the same motor assembly and manual controller, lose the LCD display and set the whole thing free?”


There’s really not much to say about this one: what you see is pretty much what you get. The front panel sports a male XLR jack, a power supply connector, a red LED and a green LED. The LEDs glow when the flap is in position #1 or #2 respectively.

So all you need to do is mount the Flapper Mini near your projector and run 3-pin XLR cable to your control position. That’s it! No universes, no patching, no splitting… Just quick and simple video reveals, any time you need them.

Since the unit is operated by simple contact closure, you can also use the Flapper Mini as part of an AMX / Crestron system – or anything, really – which has can handle closing a set of low-voltage contacts.

Sturdy Construction

Just like its older brother, The Flapper Mini was designed by technicians, for technicians. We’ve ‘been there & done that’ long enough to understand how gear gets abused. The manual switchbox is totally isolated from the base unit electrically, making control simple and trouble-free.

The Mini is completely self-contained. You won’t need to buy an expensive external power supply or controller. You don’t need to worry about complicated, intricate internal mechanisms breaking. We didn’t include any small parts to lose in the dark during strike.

The decal / reference panel is reverse printed on 10 mil Lexan, then attached to the chassis with a super-aggressive 3M adhesive.  The text won’t get scratched off after a couple years on the road.

The chassis is constructed of durable powder-coated aluminum.  The ‘wings’ on the chassis contain holes of various sizes, which allow the entire chassis to be conveniently mounted.

We think you’ll agree that it’s an idea whose time has come.

Manual Switchbox for Video Projector Shutter

Front & Rear Views of the Manual Switchbox

Documentation Which May be of Interest

Important Flapper Mini Safety Warnings [pdf]

Flapper Mini Instruction Sheet [pdf]

A Word About the Mounting Screw [pdf]

Warranty [pdf]

Try it For Yourself

Try a Mini risk free for 30 days. If it doesn’t absolutely delight you, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. But we’re certain that you’ll love it.

Flapper Minis are in stock and ready to ship.  Grab yours in the online store today.

We also offer long and short term equipment rentals at reasonable weekly / monthly rates. Contact us for more details.

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