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Perfect DMX Controlled Blackouts for Your Video Projector


DMX Controlled Video Projector Shutter

Flapper MKII Projector Shutter

Flapper MKII Projector Shutter - Rear View

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If you haven’t read the backstory just yet, that’s a great place to start.

This is the main page for the Flapper MKII, our DMX-512 controlled video projectors shutter. As shown in the photo above, it contains XLR5 ‘in’ and ‘through’ jacks. The LCD screen and left/right toggle switch allow the system settings to be easily adjusted.

The 3 pin male XLR connector on the right allows the douser to be manually controlled, if it’s not convenient or easy to run a data cable out to the projector position.

As shown in the photo, the ‘flap’ which convers the projector lens is trapezoidal in shape. The wide end measures 5.5″, the narrow end measures 2.5″ and the length is 9.5″.

The paddle’s range of travel is approximately 120 degrees.

See the links on the left for photos and video clips of these shutters in action.

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