2009 RGB Pixel Project

Hard to believe that four years have passed since the first DMX RGB Pixel Project was cobbled together.

For 2009, we’re working on something completely different.  These don’t yet have a name – or even some sample photos – but here’s a sneak peak of the feature list.

  • System brightness to be halfway between the point source and a ‘classic’ big pixels.  Design uses 3 each wide-angle red, green and blue emitters.
  • Component count is *significantly* lower than any of our existing designs and 100% surface mount, which keeps the assembly robots fast & happy.
  • Boards are daisy chainable with cat5 jumpers OR hard-soldered connections, up to 255 per string, provided that +12v supply is re-injected from time to time.  Current draw remains stable at ~ 60 mA per pixel.
  • Position Agnostic!  No need to address each individual pixel.
  • Head-end controller handles all DMX massaging, addressing and color updating.
  • Working on a plastic ‘overmolded’ enclosure for a totally weatherproof system.
  • May even feature a plastic ‘jewel’ similar in size/shape to a standard C9 lamp.
  • Circuit board size is 2″ x .6″
  • Head-end controllers will be daisy-chainable using industry-standard  XLR-4 ‘Color Scroller‘ cables, which combine a shielded, twisted pair for data and a heavy gauge pair for power.  Last year’s cable harnesses (1 x cat5, 1 x 18 gauge pair) worked well but took way too long to assemble.

I’m very excited about these, actually.  The assembly shop is working on a test batch of 100 pieces, which should be delivered in a week or so.

Pictures & video clips to be posted as they’re available.  To be kept abreast of the latest developments, join the ‘Insiders Club’ at the top right corner of this screen.

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